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    aluminum fixed window 70


    Quick Details

    Brand Name


    Place of Origin


    Frame Material

    Aluminum   Alloy


    Folding   Screen


    6063-T5   grade of  Aluminum



    Glass color



    Made   in China or Germany


    1.     Common type aluminum

    It is mostly used in engineering,with Simple function,practial strecture and low unit price.

    2.     Broken Brige aluminum

    It is mainly installed in the family,and realizes a variety of functions according to the composite structure.Anti mosquito,heat insulation,sound insulation,secrecy,etc.


    PRODUCT Advantages


    1.     STABILITY

    Excellent section design ensures the most reasonable load bearing in statics.


    Early passivation treatment makes aluminum alloy corrosion resistance.

    3.     DECORATIVE

    A variety of surface treatment, can present a variety of colors and patterns.


    Heat insulation profiles can be used to reduce building energy consumption.

    5.     LIGHT WEIGHT

    The density of aluminum is 1/3 of steel,convenient transportation,high yield.


    Easy to maintain,Stable structure,easy to clean surface.





    When we look at the whole window, around 85% area is Glass. That means the performance of window almost depends on the glass units. For all our windows and doors exported to North America, Dual Panes must be Tempered Glass for better protection of people’s safety. The SGCC and IGCC certified glass units is the basic configuration,
    For many U.S. climates, we recommend that Low-e Insulating Glass filled with Argon, since the unique Low-E technology delivers balanced insulation for cold winters and hot summers.
    For very hot, sunny climates, the glass should allow in visible light and provide a clear view, while helps to block the heat of the sun.
    For cold climates – like northern U.S. and Canada, the glass should allow the sun’s heat to flow in and warm your home, while provides excellent insulation from the cold.
    Therefore, I would like to know where your project is, after we check the building code, so that our team could provide a suitable configuration of glass. Definitely, by updating some options, such as mentioned the warm edge spacer, ultimate Low-E glass, and so on, there is no problem for us to make any windows as you require. All these parameters could guarantee that the windows could pass the inspections and get approval.





    Q: What about your window systems ?

    A:Our engineers can design the systems you need to match different wall systems.


    Q:All these windows come with frames to mount on walls?


    A:Yes, all the windows include frames. Installing the windows on wall is OK.


    Q: About packaging


    A:Damage to the packaging is responsible for compensation, if it is the price of CIF is responsible for other EXW FOB is not responsible for damages


    Q: What is the minimum order quantity and delivery time?


    A:Minimum order quantity 50 squares Normal duration 25-40 days Specific time according to product quantity


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