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Provide the following query way:
  • Taken the Internet query

    This web page 20 products printing on input profile, click on the query. Query, if you don't have a user registration, users need to register.

  • Taken the telephone voice search

    Call 0411-39923157, 0411-39923157, according to the prompt for 20 confirmed product code, you can get a reply.

    Success, the group's main profile products every one meter has a code, each printing are different, the illegal manufacturer may also forge the success, product code, but generally cannot be encoded in the success of spray system, to improve the discrimination, can choose more a few related code query, and check the consistency of the information. For further confirm, profile samples can be sent to the nearest success profile production base technology department confirm, or contact our local sales personnel (see contact telephone marketing network).

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