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    60 Aluminum sliding window


    Quick Details

    Brand Name


    Place of Origin


    Frame Material

    Aluminum   Alloy

    Open Style



    Folding   Screen


    6063-T5   grade of  Aluminum



    Glass color



    Made   in China or Germany



    Aluminum sliding glass window

    The sealing of the swing door is good, it can effectively prevent wind and dust or other debris from entering the house, and the swing door is protected by a layer of glue than the other doors; the swing door is made of relatively hard materials, so don't worry about the door being The thief opens; the swinging door opens and closes with low noise; it is easy to install and does not require too much time and effort to install.



    ·         Aluminum sliding window;slider window:

    ·         1.Material: aluminum alloy

    ·         2.Size: our factory manufacture according to your requirements and drawings. All of our products are custom-make.

    ·         3.Aluminum surface color: we have many colors for your choice,such as white,black,brown,bronze,champagne,etc.

    ·         4.Details: if you open our website,you will find for each window or door,we have many detailed pictures,such as hinge,handle,sealing strip,rubber,wheel,etc. For each window,we have a video,so even if you haven't come here,you can also have a better understanding about our products.

    ·         5.Our hardware are Germany origin,so it can bear enough weight. Even in the seaside,there is strong wind,the window can also be used for several years. Because we have better sealing and hardware,it is very important for a window.

    ·         6.Our window have better heat insulation and water-resistance.So when outside is raining or windy,the water and rain can't come into inside.



    Q 1. Are you supplying standard sizes of windows/doors or customised products 
    Both is available, we also supply customised products for lots of end customers,developers and builders.

    Q 2.What about your packages ?
    We are using foam + wooden for packaging.

    Q 3.What about your door systems ?
    All of our systems are designed according to the requirements from markets . Our engineers can design the systems you need to match
    different wall systems.

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