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Advantages of UPVC window and doors

A range of UPS windows and doors are being marketed with the use of renovation, renovation, and building profiles for the needs of the building industry. The Alborz industrial group, with more than 5 decades of experience in the field of polymer industry and specializing in product research and development, upvc profile Kotzolt branded under the license of Kotzolt, Germany, to the Iranian market.


Upvc windows are used in a variety of single-mode windows, dual-mode, slider, accordion, white or colored, laminated or simple in building construction. Since windows and upvc windows are unlikely to be easily affected by climate change, unlike other items in the market, such as wood, they are widely used.


Here are some benefits to using upvc windows.


Color stability and transparency of the frame


PVC windows are presented in white, colored, laminated, natural wood designs in a variety of modern styles. The material used to make upvc profiles is designed to absorb the strongest ultraviolet radiation even in the very tropical region, which guarantees years of stable and non-changeable color of the door and double-glazed windows.


No caries


Upvc profiles eliminate the possibility of corrosion and deformation using a quality control process. Most upvc profiles are not simply decayed or laminated!


It is also resistant to corrosion, corrosion and salt, and makes it more durable than other types of windows.




Upvc door and window systems, with multi-purpose multi-purpose technology with double-sided technology, ensure intrinsic insulation against sound penetration and reduce noise by 40 decibels (dB), so upvc profiles have high insulation of sound And effectively protect against noise pollution, so you feel at home with pleasure and relaxation.


Anti-fire and comfortable cleaning


UPVC profiles with grade A are easily cleaned with water and water. Upvc materials are not susceptible to combustion. In fact, their combinations have a fire retardant rating in accordance with DIN 4102, and also complies with the standard BS 476 relative strength of the first degree. As a result, the double-glazed windows system is a fire retardant, which eliminates any The type of contamination comes from the surface of the PVV frame and brings brilliance during the cleaning. Upvc door and window systems naturally inhibit the flame and reduce the fire load of a building.


energy efficiency


The upvc advanced window system and clever design allow keeping heat outside the building, resulting in resource savings, as well as significant reductions in CO2 and operational costs that you can easily even afford Enjoy the warm days of being at your home.


Strong and safe


The upvc door and window systems are designed to allow secure locking, locking of devices and handles, and thus provide security against intrusions and relaxation of the mind. Also, when using the upvc profile to make the door and window, the core made of galvanized steel should be wrapped around it, and this galvanized steel will make the upvc window more powerful. The window system and the upvc doors allow To use the best locks and fittings available on the market today for fittings. The whole window and upvc doors are stronger than old and old.




Upvc windows are environmentally friendly and can be recyclable and can be recycled up to 10 times. Upvc windows and doors can be recycled at the end of life. Upvc windows and doors do not affect the environment after making and installing them.

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